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al shifa pharmaceutical factory wikipedia - the al shifa arabic for healing pharmaceutical factory in khartoum north sudan was constructed between 1992 and 1996 with components imported from germany india italy sweden switzerland thailand and the united states it was opened on 12 july 1997 the industrial complex was composed of four buildings it was the largest pharmaceutical factory in khartoum and employed, pharmaceutical industry britannica com - pharmaceutical industry pharmaceutical industry the discovery development and manufacture of drugs and medications pharmaceuticals by public and private organizations the modern era of the pharmaceutical industry of isolation and purification of compounds chemical synthesis and computer aided drug design is, the wiley encyclopedia of packaging technology 3rd edition - the complete and authoritative guide to modern packagingtechnologies updated and expanded from a to z the wiley encyclopedia of packaging technology third edition covers all aspects of packaging technologiesessential to the food and pharmaceutical industries among others this edition has been thoroughly updated and expanded to includeimportant innovations and changes in materials, some biocompatible materials used in medical practices a - abstract biomaterials can be thought as the key ingredients in several implants such as those used for joints sutures bone plates and medical devices such as blood tubes artificial heart pacemakers etc they function by replacing restoring the injured or destroyed tissues or organs and thereby help in providing better essence of life of the patients